What Makes Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Mengenal Istilah-Istilah Dalam Dunia VPS Yang Perlu Diketahui

The reseller web hosting service market has seen enormous growth in the past few years. This growth highlights the real potential and opportunity the reseller web hosting business has for businesses and individuals who want to engage in web hosting services.

So, if you are someone who wants to explore the waters of web-related services, then reseller hosting in India can be an ideal choice. 

In this article, we shall explore what reseller web hosting is and why it is known to be a profitable option.

What Do You Mean by Reseller Hosting?

Similar to any reseller business, reseller hosting is a business wherein a reseller purchases a hosting solution from a principal company and sells it to their customers at very competitive prices. While doing so, they take into consideration rules and regulations led down by the principal hosting company. It is a profitable venture as it involves very minimal initial costs and investment.

Further, the best part is that to become the best reseller hosting in India, you don’t need a deep understanding of the technicality of the product; you just need to have a primary domain and business knowledge to kick-start your reseller hosting business.

What is a Reseller Hosting Package?

Reseller hosting packages refer to the reseller hosting plan that you will allow your customer. Reseller hosting is a customisable product, so this creates an opportunity to create and sell a unique, reliable and flexible hosting product tailoring to your targeted audience.

Furthermore, you get complete control over your reseller hosting package rates, so you have certain liberty in quoting prices that are higher than the parent company offered you, which is what makes this business highly profitable.

What Makes Reseller Hosting a Profitable Business Venture?

  • Low investment cost

Same as any wholesale business, you can buy web hosting service packages at wholesale rates, which makes it affordable and also reduces the cost of investment.

Further, if you are not customising, then you do not have to worry about hardware, management or setting up infrastructure, as your parent reseller hosting company takes care of everything.

  • Room for growth

If you have many busy websites, Reseller Hosting is like getting a bigger and better space. You can manage different parts of your sites using various URLs and servers. Plus, you don’t need to buy another hosting plan – everything you need is already included in the main package.

  • Builds your brand

Some sellers prefer to customise the original product, which adds its uniqueness which further helps in building the brand.

  • Becomes an additional source of income

Starting a Web Hosting Reseller business is an intelligent way to make extra money without hefty investments in hardware and infrastructure. Plus, if you want to offer extras like SSL Certificates, Dedicated IP, or domain registrations, it can boost your earnings, giving you a decent profit.

  • Builds your portfolio

By including web hosting along with services like web development or design, you will set yourself apart and improve your skills as a hosting provider and business owner. Moreover, offering everything your customers need for building and hosting a website makes it easy and beneficial for both you and your customers.


Reseller hosting is a profitable option if you want to enter the web hosting industry. However, make sure to choose a reliable web hosting provider that provides good performance, high uptime, exclusive support, and uncompromised security and control.

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