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Accounting Technology: The Best and Worst of Times


If a week is a long time in politics, six months covering accounting technological know-how may possibly reasonably be regarded an “age.”

It is been fifty percent a yr considering that my return to AccountingWEB British isles, and these kinds of has been the rate of adjust that content from January seem to be tinged with nostalgia, and occasionally regret for what could have been – price administration instruments any individual?

The blizzard of news in accounting tech has been as wide as it has been regular: the increase and drop of crypto, a increase in exercise automation and workflow instruments, IRIS on the acquisition trail, cybercrime hitting the accounting sector where by it hurts, and the IRS battling to keep rate with it all.

So, what does the accounting technological innovation landscape search like? To go ‘the complete Dickens,’ it looks to be the very best of times and the worst of occasions for accountants. In a lot of approaches, we’re in a golden age of accounting tech.

For starters, it’s by no means been a lot easier to open up your have business. Which is not to say it’s quick – significantly from it – but with just a laptop, an World-wide-web connection, a little bit of startup funds and some elbow grease you can get cracking. Devices out there allow for you to get the job done from any place, at any time, pull in client facts at the touch of a button, move it all around your program and file it at will.

But at the same time, on the lookout at the bewildering vary of options offered to accountants, the buzz vs the truth and the speed of improve in spots like cryptocurrency and the metaverse, you could forgive accountants an envious look into the more simple times of the earlier.

And then there’s how technological know-how is positioned in the total sector. One particular of the major modifications I’ve experienced given that rejoining AccountingWEB Uk has been how my writing is perceived, processed and reacted to.

Articles or blog posts in my preceding, more standard, roles now seem to be a bit of a slam-dunk – preaching to the transformed, if you will. A quick slapdown to the tax authorities? Bravo sir! A wagging finger at the hottest Large 4 escapades there – boo! Community government taken your pet dog absent? Woof!

But technology coverage is a diverse beast. Depending on your job in the career, you see issues really in a different way. I’m both a wide-eyed patsy for the application industry or a really hard-bitten cynic mowing down the dreams of a dozen new Steve Jobs.

From my perspective, it is my work to report on new companies or merchandise, glance at what they do and what troubles they purport to resolve in the context of the total market, inquire hard thoughts and sometimes give a bit of commentary. 

But a nutritious dose of scepticism is, of system vital. I give my choose, and AccountingWEB’s readers fill in what I have skipped alongside the way. Accountants are, after all, expert cynics. 

The 24-thirty day period spend cycle for accountants is pretty genuine, with the sector understandably cautious when it comes to adjust. This approach couldn’t be greater illustrated by the new shuttering of ClearSpend. It can take to time to study a new procedure – trialling and employing it, instruction your workers and clients, using to social media to tell every person how great it is. But if it then takes place to vanish, or pivot to a new sector, you’re the one left seeking daft in entrance of your customers. 

A seller I spoke with not too long ago advised me it took one particular accountant 6 years of observing to even start a conversation with them. At each and every in-person celebration, webinar or putting up they’d loiter about the edges, and only designed get hold of as soon as they were totally pleased with what they observed. “I needed to make certain you’d stick about,” was the only explanation they gave. 

Can this rate of tech alter continue unabated? Will new arrivals go on to present them selves up as ritual sacrifices to the AccountingWEB comment gods? Keep seeing this space to locate out. 

In the meantime, keep the (constructive) responses coming and here’s to yet another 6 months on the accounting tech merry-go-round.


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